MarkaLAB is a multidisciplinary advanced hi-tech company, design, science, research & development, engineering, A.I., production laboratory + digital brand design agency based in Türkiye and USA.

Our passion is to combine innovative thoughts with creative ideas to transform them into unique brands/products, abstract and physical assets/concepts/commodities that make human life easier, respect nature and all living things, and make our planet more beautiful and livable.

MarkaLAB has been working with the best companies in the world located Türkiye, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan since 1996 in the following areas:

Industrial Design, R&D, Product Development, 3-D Design, Prototyping and Modeling, Product Design, Aviation and Space, Aircraft Design, Spacecraft Design, Defence Industry, Automotive Industry, Transportation Design, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Software Development, Simulation & Analysis, Image and Data Processing, Heavy Industry, Machinery Industry, Engineering, Building & Construction, Architecture, Environmental Design, Mining, Materials Science, Chemistry, Energy, Battery Systems, Electric Vehicle Design, Electricity & Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Physics, Kinematics, Math, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Optics, Electro-Optical Systems, Scanning & Imaging, Measurement & Stats, Biomedical & Medicine, Tests & Experiments, Informatics, Scientific Consultancy.

MarkaLAB is one of the few organizations in Türkiye that has the ability, competence and accreditation to work with Fortune global 500 corporates and Tier-1 level companies.

MarkaLAB is the only company in Türkiye that has been accepted and approved by multinational companies in the world, representing our country worldwide, with its ability to do business at global standards, its knowledge and expertise level, in all of the multi-occupational fields.


Fields of Activity

. Industrial Design

. Research & Development

. Product Development

. 3-D Design

. Prototyping and Modeling

. Product Design

. Aviation and Space

. Aircraft Design

. Spacecraft Design

. Defence Industry

. Automotive Industry

. Transportation Design

. Robotics

. Artificial Intelligence

. Automation

. Software Development

. Simulation & Analysis

. Image & Data processing

. Heavy Industry

. Machinery Industry

. Engineering

. Building & Construction

. Architecture

. Environmental Design

. Mining

. Materials Science

. Chemistry

. Energy

. Battery Systems

. Electric Vehicle Design

. Electricity & Electronics

. Mechanics

. Mechatronics

. Physics

. Kinematics

. Math

. Thermodynamics

. Hydraulics & Pneumatics

. Optics

. Electro-Optical systems

. Scanning & Imaging

. Measurement & Stats

. Biomedical & Medicine

. Tests & Experiments

. Informatics

. Scientific Consultancy





Köprülü Veysipaşa Mh. 1627 Sk. No:3 D:8 09100 Efeler/AYDIN


101 Jefferson Dr, Menlo Park, SPACES Offices, CA 94025 USA